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  • 2014-07-19
    Release of cdw version 0.8.0
    Changes since version 0.7.1:
    • adding support for creating UDF file system images with mkudffs. Files are copied to the file system using rsync. cdw supports only creating stand-alone .udf files. Such files can be burned later to optical disc.
    • adding "About" item to main menu.
    • using new format of options in config file (for most of options, but not for all of them). The file and the code processing the file are backwards-compatible.
    • behaviour of "follow symlinks" option has been modified. There is one option that controls whether symbolic links in native file system should be followed when traversing selected files, and the second option controls how the links should be treated when creating optical file system. The first option is pretty simple. The other is more complicated.

      When creating ISO9660 file system, there is a simple flag passed (or not) to mkisofs or xorriso ("follow symlinks in ISO9660 file system"). It is represented by a checkbox in cdw UI.

      When creating UDF file system, handling of symbolic links is controlled by flag(s) passed to rsync as a free-form options string. It is completely up to user to decide which options related to symlinks to select and pass to rsync. There is a special input field in cdw UI for this.

    • ISO9660 meta data is now added to ISO9660 file system when both creating stand-alone .iso image, and when creating file system on optical disc on-the-fly.
    • fixing handling of "speed" parameter passed to xorriso when burning disc from image and when erasing a disc.
    • some changes in ncurses code (especially widgets and form). The changes aren't visible to end user.

  • 2012-04-01
    Release of cdw version 0.7.1
    Changes since version 0.7.0:
    • fixing Sourceforge defect #3487958 (cdw was unable to detect installed wodim and genisoimage if they weren't symlinked as cdrecord and mkisofs);
    • dropdowns, button dialogs and few more places, like log window, recognize 'q' and 'Q' keys as cancel/escape keys; this change has been suggested by rogerx;
    • when burning second or following session to a disc, cdw now tries to check which tool has been used to create ISO file system already existing on a disc, and select the same tool for creating appended file system; user is warned if cdw can't recognize a tool used to create ISO file system existing on the disc; The change should decrease possibility of problems when burning files to a disc; see this post for related information: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/...;
    • code handling signals has been improved: more signals are being handled, and code has been modified to make sure that final debug message is printed correctly, and that exit() is called properly;
    • there has been made small change that should help to resolve problems with saving data in configuration window or in wizards with F10 key, when user runs cdw in terminal emulators that use F10 for their own purposes; see also http://sourceforge.net/tracker/...;
    • fixing problem with ejecting drive tray; after a bit of googling it turned out that this may be caused by the drive being locked;
    • fixing usage of meta information fields - they are used only when they are accessible during task creation, i.e. preparer/publisher/copyright fields are only used during creation of standalone ISO9660 file system (because there is this 'meta' tab in ISO9660 wizard), but not during creation of ISO9660 file system on the fly, because the 'meta' tab is currently missing in write wizard;
    • cdw now can recognize 'not a known option' error message printed by xorriso to stderr, and inform user about the fact;
    • code implementing new ncurses widgets, used by cdw, has been extracted into separate files in src/user_interface/widgets/*.[ch]. I hope that someone will find them useful.
    • updating COPYING file (nothing harmless, just using corrected file with new snail mail address of Free Software Foundation and updated full name of LGPL license);

  • 2011-07-13
    Release of cdw version 0.7.0
    Changes since version 0.6.0:
    • adding support for xorriso: cdw can employ xorriso to burn files and ISO images to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R disc, and to erase CD-RW discs; the support is limited and imperfect, but it's there;
    • adding new compile-time and run-time dependency: libburn from libburnia project;
    • adding support for more digest (checksum) tools: sha1sum, sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum, sha512sum; a digest tool can be selected in Configuration -> Tools page; md5sum was already supported in 0.6.0;
    • fixing Sourceforge defect #3111089 ("verification of ISO images fails");
    • fixing Sourceforge defect #3149329 raised by user rogerx ("Using "dummy" option fails");
    • fixing small annoyance with tray: it is reloaded less often during burning/verification (problem raised by user rogerx);
    • adding missing -lm library in src/Makefile.am (see Gentoo bug #344315);
    • moving configuration file and log file from their original default locations (in $HOME dir) into their new location (in $HOME/.cdw/ dir); this is related to Sourceforge bug #3168259, "move the configuration files into a separate directory";
    • responding to feature request #3249439 on SourceForge: "ncurses header files"; this should ease compilation of cdw on Arch Linux;
    • improving recognition of track formats (TAO/DAO/SAO) supported by disc/drive when burning with cdrecord;
    • adding (partial) recognition of capacity of CD/DVD discs; the capacity is displayed in main window if Configuration -> Log and misc -> ISO volume size -> Get sizes from disc is selected; this functionality doesn't work too well when using wodim;
    • improving response to Esc key; in previous versions the delay between pressing Esc key and reaction to the key was considerable; now it is 50ms by default, and can be changed by command-line option;
    • adding command-line option "--escdelay=X", where X is time in milliseconds;
    • key 'q'/'Q' is now treated by some parts of user interface as 'Esc' key; fingers don't have to move that far anymore :)
    • adding "verify data" button in main menu, the button invokes wizard that configures new functionality of cdw: calculating digest of arbitrary disc file, or comparing digests of selected file and first track of optical disc;
    • simplifying main window - removing unnecessary double borders;
    • adding hiding/showing hidden files in file system browser widget - user can toggle the hiding using '.' (dot) character;
    • adding a wizard dialog for creating stand-alone ISO9660 image files;
    • some options related to burning and to ISO9660 file system have been moved to wizard dialog windows;
    • adding option fields for mkisofs and xorriso options, that allow editing Publisher, System ID, Volume Set ID and (in case of mkisofs) Preparer, Copyright and Abstract meta data; the data can be read from ~/.mkisofsrc or ~/.xorrisorc files; the fields are accessible through ISO9660 stand-alone file wizards only; they are not available through wizard that prepares "burn from files" process;
    • "Tools" page in Configuration window has been updated: dropdowns for growisofs, dvd+rw-mediainfo and dvd+rw-format have been removed: the tools aren't as "controversial" as cdrecord/wodim and mkisofs/genisoimage are - dropdowns for the two tools have been left intact; new dropdowns: "Tools for handling CDs" "Tool for creating stand alone ISO9660 file" have been added;
    • cdw now displays progress information during calculating digest of source ISO file;

  • 2010-10-24
    Release of cdw version 0.6.0
    Changes since version 0.5.0:
    • added dependency on libiso9660 library; the library comes from cdio project (http://www.gnu.org/software/libcdio/), and if there is a libcdio in your packages repository, there should be a package for libiso9660 as well. libiso9660 may be a part libcdio package itself.
    • added verification of burning ISO9660 image to DVDs - it is done in similar fashion as verification of burning ISO9660 image to CD;
    • added reading DVDs with ISO9660 file system (i.e. for copying content of their first session to file on hard disc);
    • cdw now can detect optical drives available on user's machine; it's not perfect, but basics are there; user can still enter and select his own, custom path to a drive; this function uses functionality of libcdio library;
    • fixed sourceforge defect #3088902: the defect resulted in crash whenever there were no programs for handling DVDs installed, but user wanted to configure them in Configuration window anyway; it seems that this defect was introduced in cdw 0.5.0, perhaps even earlier;
    • user is now warned when he attempts to burn image larger than 4GB with wodim - such operation may fail;
    • cdw gives more visual feedback to user about activities performed by the program: a dialog window informs user about things like waiting for drive, checking disc in drive, opening and closing drive tray - all these activities that may take a long time are now explicitly presented to user. User doesn't have to worry that cdw doesn't respond without any apparent reason;
    • cdw can now correctly recognize if DVD+RW or DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite is empty or not;
    • information about current burning speed is displayed in dialog window during process of burning;
    • until now cdw always attempted, but was never able to correctly read second and following sessions from a disc, now it doesn't attempt to do such reading;
    • added "Long Joliet names" ("-joliet-long") checkbox in mkisofs options panel in Configuration window;
    • options field for creating bootable CD has been dumbed down: user has to enter all correct and appropriate options by hand; reason: I had never tested this functionality myself, so I'm simplifying it in order to avoid implementing it completely wrong;
    • cdw now displays full text of GPL license, but only if it is in Debian's default location; if cdw can't find the file, it displays only small dialog box with basic information about licensing;
    • added "wrapping" in main menu: when focus is on last position of the menu and user presses down arrow, focus is moved to first item; similarly for topmost item;
    • fixed some small memory leaks
    • other small fixes and improvements;

  • 2010-07-17
    Release of cdw version 0.5.0
    Two users have committed their time to make cdw 0.5.0 a better software: robwoj44 and rogerx. Thank you!
    Changes since version 0.4.0:
    • fixed some small memory leaks
    • fixed sourceforge defect #2996770: "Problems with F1-F4 keys in Configuration window"
    • fixed sourceforge defect #2998671: "cdw hangs when getting media information on laptops"
    • fixed sourceforge defect #2996758: "cdw can't find any tools"
    • fixed sourceforge defect #2999633: "cdw can't create config file at startup, and exits"
    • small fix in process window (window that shows progress of current task, or informs about type/state of current task): sometimes the window displays message "press any key", but in previous versions on some occasions it closed itself without waiting for user's key; this has been (at least partially) fixed in 0.5.0
    • when verifying burned image, cdw checks if optical disc is mounted or not; in previous versions disc mounted e.g. by auto mounter may have caused aborting the verification, now cdw asks user to unmount the disc and then correctly continues verification
    • added file picker, a dialog window allowing user to select single file or directory easily, without a need to type full path in input field
    • improved displaying files with characters in their names that appear to be corrupted when viewed in some file managers; in previous versions of cdw such file names might not be displayed at all
    • cdw 0.5.0 now includes few files from gnulib package to avoid reimplementing "canonicalize" function
    • removed separate dialog window for editing cdrecord parameters, it was available via F3 hotkey; cdrecord parameters can be now edited only in configuration window;
    • removed separate dialog window for editing volume size (target disc size), it was available via F4 hotkey; this functionality has been moved to Configuration window (tab "Log and other");
    • removed separate dialog window for editing volume label, it was available via F2 hotkey; volume label can be now edited only in configuration window;
    • added file picker widget: a dialog window that simplifies selecting single file, e.g. ISO image file for burning. The widget is used in few panels of configuration window, and is also displayed when user wants to create new ISO image file or wants to burn ISO image file to optical disc;
    • updated build scripts: created separate Makefile.cdw.am file with common options; added explicit main build target and "check" build target; "configure" now accepts "--enable-debug" flag, which controls whether debug facilities (debug info for gdb, debug messages printed to stderr) are included in the build or not, and whether or not additional set of compiler warnings are enabled - this removes necessity of editing Makefile.cdw.am file to enable or disable debug build; "distcheck" target of build system now works; "configure" script makes more checks than in version 0.4.0;
    • default burning mode for burning files to empty disc is now "make single session" instead of "start multisession";

  • 2010-04-01
    Release of cdw version 0.4.0
    Changes since version 0.3.95:
    • when burning files with growisofs, cdw checks which implementation of mkisofs/genisoimage is selected in Configuration, and passes this information to growisofs
    • there is more feedback to user when some files can't be selected for burning or for creating image (e.g. when some directories in selected files can't be visited);
    • dialogs where user can enter a string (e.g. path to ISO image files) now don't accept insecure characters, like '|', '&' or ';' (sourceforge defect #2965153)
    • paths to ISO images with space characters are now correctly handled (sourceforge defect #2965149)
    • user is warned when creating ISO file system fails because of some file being larger than 4GB, while ISO level is less than 3
    • cdw can now detect other errors reported by tools, and report these errors to user
    • there is now partial support for DVD+R DL discs, but user has to explicitly enable it by passing "--enable-dvd-rp-dl" command line argument to cdw; cdw can handle DVD+R DL discs only using dvd+rw-tools; this feature is very incomplete and possibly buggy;

  • 2010-01-18
    Release of cdw version 0.3.95
    Changes since version 0.3.94:
    • tools (cdrecord, mkisofs etc.) are now configured automatically, unless user checks "Configure tools manually" checkbox in Configuration panel; manual configuration allows user to select tool implementations (as it was available since 0.3.93), but user can also select which tools "family" (dvd+rw-tools / cdrtools) should be used for handling DVDs, which is related to next change:
    • added *basic* support for burning files and ISO images to DVDs with cdrecord / wodim: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW are supported (both burning files and ISO image); selection of tool family is made in Configuration -> Tools -> Tools family for handling DVDs; this is still bit buggy (but not fatally buggy ;))
    • fixed sourceforge defects:
      • 2890402 ("cdw fails to build, problems with linux/cdrom.h"),
      • 2890403 ("problems with burning second session on 32-bit machine"),
      • 2890399 ("cdw freezes after writing to disc or creating image"),
      • 2545568 ("File > 4GB")
    • open sourceforge defects:
      • 2909705 ("Problem with handling symlinks in selected files"
    • cdw now can recognize when external tools (growisofs and cdrecord) report that space available on target disc is insufficient to perform burning; appropriate dialog messages are displayed to user;
    • a dialog message is displayed when user selects file larger than 4GB, since some versions of genisoimage can't handle file this large without additional arguments;
    • I did some very basic testing on 32-bit machine, if you had any problems with running cdw on 32-bit machine then the situation may have improved;
    • reduced consumption of CPU time during burning files or image to disc or creating image; this should be more visible on older machines;
    • "Copy data CD" and "Copy audio CD" menu options are now merged into single "Copy CD" option
    • other minor fixes and improvements;

    some more vague news and announcements:

    • I will fix most urgent problems, test cdw and release new version 0.4.0 soon, perhaps in March 2010;
    • there are now some solid foundations for adding support for new tools (e.g. xorriso) in cdw;
    • support for DVD+R DL is almost ready, I need to spend some time (and money) on testing and improving it

    version 0.3.95 was tested with Cdrecord-ProDVD-ProBD-Clone 2.01.01a37, Wodim 1.1.10, mkisofs 2.01.01a37, genisoimage 1.1.10, growisofs 7.1 on x86_64 GNU/Linux, Debian 5.0 with 2.6.32 linux kernel

  • 2009-10-27
    Release of cdw version 0.3.94
    Changes since version 0.3.93:
    There is only one change. Some time after releasing version 0.3.93 I have noticed that cdw can't handle some special case when using libcdio calls. Because of this issue on some systems user was unable to do anything involving optical disc. Small fix in source tree of cdw 0.3.93 fixes this problem. This is the one and only new change between previous and current version.

  • 2009-08-12
    Release of cdw version 0.3.93
    Changes since version 0.3.92:
    • external tools (cdrecord, mkisofs, growisofs etc.) are no longer a compile time requirement
    • there is a basic support for managing external tools in cdw configuration module: user can select one of implementations of given tool if he has more than one available on his machine
    • configuration panel was redesigned, division of options among categories is now more reasonable
    • DAO option is moved from configuration panel to write wizard, this option (and TAO option) is available only when suitable (e.g. when disc state and type allows this)
    • added "Follow symbolic links" option checkbox to mkisofs options panel
    • added support for padding options in cdrecord options panel
    • cdw now can recognize few more error messages coming from cdrecord, mkisofs and growisofs, and present user with dialog window with some basic information about problem. There are still situations when cdw will silently ignore errors reported by external tools, but now behavior of cdw is at least a bit better than in previous version.
    • other minor improvements
    • there was a problem with correctness of list of CD writing speeds in write wizard, this is now fixed with new method of getting CD metainformation
    • other minor bugfixes

  • 2009-01-01
    Release of cdw version 0.3.92
    Changes since version 0.3.91:
    • improved support of DVD-RW discs: cdw can recognize and handle properly discs in Sequential and Restricted mode - this includes reformatting DVD-RW discs
    • added verification of md5sum of iso image written to CD (but not DVD)
    • other minor improvements
    • minor bugfixes

  • 2008-05-08
    Release of cdw version 0.3.91
    Changes since version 0.3.3:
    • added support for dvd+rw-tools, which brings:
    • added writing files or ISO image to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW discs; no double-layer media are supported
    • added blanking of DVD-RW and DVD+RW
    • simplified hardware configuration - now you need to enter no more than 2 device descriptors :)
    • wizard dialog windows

  • 2007-12-13
    Release of cdw version 0.3.3
    Changes since version 0.3.2:
    • gtk-related files are removed, gtk interface is no longer an option
    • restored functionality: ripping audio CDs, but only to raw audio tracks. User have to use following command: 'sox -c 2 -r 44100 -L -2 -s track_name.raw -t wav track_name.wav' to recode the files to wav audio files.
    • restored functionality: copying data CDs to iso image on hdd. This works only for single-session CDs only for now.
    • new dependency: cdw now requires libcdio, a library for accessing CD device
    • dependency on wncurses (ncurses with wide chars support) is now mentioned in README file
    • some changes in main application window layout, so now cdw uses all lines and columns of console
    • updated man page, updated README file
    • new autotools files, configure.ac is now used instead of configure.in; 'bootstrap' file is removed, if you want to regenerate build files you should use autoreconf(1) now;
    • added some comments for translators of UI elements
    • fixed bug: moving through fields in options forms using TAB key was impossible - this is now fixed
    • fixed bug: too wide fields in second page of options caused cdw to crash when switching options pages - this is now fixed
    • fixed bug: removed one source of memory leak in options module code
    • fixed bug: it was impossible to write second and following sessions to multisession CD disc - it is now fixed
    • fixed bug: bug 1841923 from SourceForge bug tracking system is now fixed (build error with lame-support: 'msg' undeclared)
    • fixed bug: space usage indicator (bar) in main application window works again (now with colors)
    • fixed bug: method of blanking is now properly saved when changed in method selection window (but only if user decides to perform blanking; until now change of method was saved even if user abandoned blanking after changing method).

  • 2007-08-26
    Release of cdw version 0.3.2
    New version of cdw is out. Most changes are in options module: cdw checks for existence of some directories and files and tries to behave reasonably if something is missing. There are a few new dialog windows informing user about possible problems with configuration (e.g. missing config file or unset $HOME variable). Options window is now a bit different, options are grouped in slightly different way. Options for inactive features are not shown.
    I have fixed small bug that caused cdw to crash when browsing 'Add files' list using Page up/Page down keys.
    Information for translators: new pot file is included in this release, but you might want to wait for another release - I will comment all translatable strings, so that you don't have to refer to source during translation. I just need to print gettext manual :)
    0.3.2 is last release that includes gtk interface

  • 2007-07-29
    Since last release I committed changes that reorganize cdw options module. Options window looks a bit different, some error conditions are checked when initializing options module and reading/writing config file. Code is (at least for me) more readable, mostly because of moving parts of code to wrapper functions and adding some comments. Latest source code can be obtained (as usual) via cvs.
    Options for functionality that is disabled are invisible, but there is still a lot of place for some fields and checkboxes in options window.
    Now I will try to avoid big changes and focus on testing existing code. It will take some time - you can expect new release of cdw by the end of August.
    Big 'thank you' to rezso for bringing my attention to *.pot file, which was neglected by me. I will check all source code files and prepare all translatable strings for processing them with gettext tools. New *.pot file will be available in 0.3.2 release.

  • 2007-06-26 Release of cdw version 0.3.1
    cdw version 0.3.1 is released. Erasing of CD-RW disks (full or fast) is now restored, some tests before starting erasing process are added. Help tooltips for main cdw functions are added. This release also includes small code changes that are not visible to end user. Help files are slightly changed (I mostly removed stuff that is not applicable to current version of cdw). Please see ChangeLog if you are interested in details of changes.
    Next release (0.3.2) won't bring any big functionality changes - I will focus on small things that will improve overall quality of this software. Hopefully I will add some documentation.

  • 2007-04-29 Release of cdw version 0.3.0
    cdw version 0.3.0 is released. This is new version of cdw after picking this project by acerion. Many features were dropped (cd cloning, writing audio cd, creating image from cd, blanking cd), mainly because of lack of time to test these functions - I wanted to release new version with features that were working correctly - and I wanted to know for sure how and why they worked. Picking up project is not an easy task for me, so restoring all functions of cdw 0.2.4 may take some time.

  • 2007-03-04 I'm picking up this project.
    Since February this project has new developer: acerion. You can expect new cdw release soon. Browse CVS repository for latest source code changes.
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