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  • 2016-04-03
    Release of cdw version 0.8.1
    Changes since version 0.8.0:
    • user interface: implementing "Lynx-like motion" feature in native file browser windows.
      There has been a request to add possibility to navigate native file system with Left and Right arrow (like it's done e.g. in Midnight Commander).
      Since Left and Right arrow can be also used to horizontally scroll lists in list display, I have added an option in config window to control behaviour of the two keys.
      Horizontal scroll is now also possible with '<' and '>' keys.
    • code in native file system module has been reviewed and improved.
    • man page now contains few lines of information on rsync options that may be useful when creating UDF images.
    • bugfix: fields in "Meta data" tab in ISO9660 Options window (when creating ISO image with xorriso) were always initialized with empty strings. So if user entered any data in the fields in "Meta data" tab, saved the options (with F9/F10 key), returned from Options window to Image Wizard, and then opened the Options window again, the fields in "Meta data" tab were empty again. This has been fixed, and the data in the fields is preserved and the fields show saved values.
    • Adding process window indication when cdw creates list of files to be added to ISO9660 image.
      For long list of files (e.g. 200 or so) creating the list may take few seconds. To indicate that cdw is busy (and not frozen), I have added an indication of this in progress window.
      The process window is shown when user creates stand-alone ISO9660 image, and when user burns files to optical disc (ISO9660 file system is created on the optical disc).
    • Some effort has been made to make compilation of cdw on Alpine Linux less painful.
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