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cdw is a front-end for some command-line tools used for burning data CD and DVD discs and for related tasks. The tools are: cdrecord/wodim, mkisofs/genisoimage, growisofs, dvd+rw-mediainfo, dvd+rw-format, xorriso and mkudffs. You can also use cdw to rip tracks from your audio CD to raw audio files. Limited support for copying content of data CD and DVD discs to image files is also provided.

cdw supports ISO9660 filesystem for optical media. It is also possible to create UDF images with cdw. Other filesystem for optical media are not supported nor recognized.

cdw uses ncurses library to build user interface and it can be used in UNIX terminal window and in terminal emulator (like konsole, xterm, rxvt or gnome-console) in X Window environment.

cdw is developed and tested on my Debian GNU/Linux x64 machine.

Current version

Current version of cdw is 0.8.1, which was released in April 2016. See News for information about recent changes.


There are some. See Features for more details and for list of supported media.

Screen shots

See them here

Run-time requirements

In order to run cdw you have to:

  • run modern GNU/Linux system with 2.6 or 3.X kernel
  • use terminal or terminal emulator with size of at least 80x24
  • have correctly configured CD/DVD burner (if you wan to do anything more than creating new ISO images)
  • have installed libcdio (version 0.81 and up)
  • have installed libiso9660 library, which is part of libcdio project (version 0.81 and up) - it may already come with libcdio
  • have installed libncursesw library (version 5 and up)
  • have installed libburn library (version 4 and up)
  • have installed recent versions of mkisofs/genisoimage (for creating ISO images, this is also a prerequisite for any of following tasks), cdrecord/wodim (for writing to CD discs), dvd+rw-tools: growisofs, dvd+rw-format, dvd+rw-mediainfo (for writing to DVD discs), xorriso (for writing to CD and DVD discs), mkudffs (for creating UDF images) - these tools are required if you want to do anything useful with cdw
  • have installed md5sum or any of shaXsum programs (needed only if you want to verify writing of ISO images to CD and DVD)

Compile-time requirements

In order to compile cdw you have to:

  • run modern GNU/Linux system with basic development tools (including Autotools)
  • have installed -dev package for libcdio (version 0.81 and up)
  • have installed -dev package for libiso9660 (version 0.81 and up)
  • have installed -dev package for libncursesw (version 5 and up)
  • have installed -dev package for libburn (version 4 and up)
  • NOTE: having installed cdrecord/wodim, mkisofs/genisoimage, dvd+rw-tools (growisofs, dvd+rw-format, dvd+rw-mediainfo), md5sum is no longer a compile-time requirement for cdw versions 0.3.93 and up


cdw is a free software, released under GNU General Public License v2.0.


cdw was developed by vbali until 0.2.4 release. Since February/March 2007, after short period of inactivity, this project is developed by acerion.

New versions of cdw (0.3.0 and up) might not have all features of cdw 0.2.4, but the features will be restored in future versions of cdw.


Kamil Ignacak, acerion at wp dot pl.

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